You can enjoy the quiet and privacy at the Emlek Estate. But if you want a bit more action, there is plenty to see and do in the surroundings of the estate.
There is information available in the villa about possible activities, including opening hours, contact information, route descriptions and prices.


Canoeing on the Drava river
The Drava river is a fast-flowing river that forms a natural border between Croatia and Hungary. The starting point is a 15-minute drive from the Emlek Estate. Trips from a few hours up to several days are possible..

Shooting clay pigeons
Shooting clay pigeons is for everybody. You cannot miss this experience! The shooting range is a 5-minute drive from the Emlek Estate


Horseback riding
A full day of horseback riding through the forest - an activity for all.There are routes available for every level of experience.


The surroundings are very suitable for a bike ride. You can use the paved roads, but you can also use the dirtroads that cut through the forest


Thermal pool
Hungary is known for its thermal pools. The closest thermal pool is located in Barcs, located 15 minutes from the Emlek Estate. In Szigetvár, a bit further away, there is also a beautiful new thermal pool.


Palinka is the Hungarian national drink. You can visit a distillery close to the Emlek Estate. But be careful! After 1 or 2 glasses of this devilish liquor the world turns upside down for most people!


Wine area Villany – Siklos
The Villany wine area in the South of Hungary is well known for its quality wines. And not only in Hungary but worldwide. A visit to one of the famous wine houses (Bock, Gere Atilla and others), including a tasting session, lunch and/or dinner, is definitely recommended.


Boat tour on the Drava river
Admire the beautiful Drava river from a boat. On the one side you see Hungary and on the other Croatia.


Horse sled
In winter, when there is snow, you can book this activity. A few hours through the white forest. You can be picked up from and brought back to the Estate by sled.