The riverbeds of the Dráva

The Duna-Dráva national park is situated in the South West of Hungary. The name originates from the rivers Danube and Dráva.

The park was established in 1996. It covers 6 areas in three provinces: Somogy. Baranya en Tolna


The riverbeds of the Dráva also contain many ponds and little rivers.
The clear water of the Dráva contains a lot of fish: more than 53 different species.
Naturally the fish attract many birds, especially herons.


In spring and fall this natural park is a resting area for birds that are seeking warmer weather.


Pécs, the city without borders. The Mediterraneanclimate of Pécs results in a nice and cheerful atmosphere. From spring to fall the terraces are full and the atmosphere in the city is very lively.

Its history, the many festivals, the historical center with many cafés, the mysterious crypts from the Roman times, the refined Zsolnay porcelain, the blossoming almond trees, and the beautiful cathedral make Pécs a beautiful city worthwhile visiting.


Pécs is almost an hour drive from the Emlek Estate.


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